Friday Featurette #98

The Wife folding clothes on the bed so that we can use itSince we made two movies this week and didn’t take any regular photographs, I’m reaching into our “way back machine” for the picture to accompany this week’s post. Way back machine is in quotes since we don’t like posts with photos that aren’t current and don’t look like the subjects anymore unless it’s for a special occasion. Otherwise, it’s almost like posting “web find”. We’re interested in the story behind the photo and there usually isn’t one for old pictures. So, today’s photo is a candid from last week just before our photo session. We’ve got to do mundane things like laundry too. But we still have fun once the bed is clean.

It’s been kinda dry outside so we don’t have a lot of work to do around the house. And getting ready for the kids to go back to school is something that other parents do. So we’re planning to relax and stay around the house and watch a few EPL soccer games.

Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #98

It’s been a long time since our server had limited bandwidth; but, we still remember those days very well. Occasionally, we like to upload a video that’s longer and higher quality than anything that we ever hosted on our old server just because we can. The only thing we need to do is resize/transcode and we are ready to upload. Much better than repeatedly doing the conversion until we had a video of acceptable quality that wasn’t too big. We hope you enjoy it.

Wednesday Weirdness #98

I work out a lot so at least a couple of times a week I work out with someone who’s always trying to outdo me. He’s always got to do more weight than me. Whatever we are doing, he always goes after me so that he can go heavier than I did. It’s kinda amusing. Especially when he’s struggling trying to do too much. I just want to be healthy and fit. I’m not competing with anyone except myself. And, I get more out of my workouts since my form is MUCH better which is really the point.

Tuesday Two For #98

I like take a lot more candid photographs than videos of The Wife. Not for any particular reason; that’s just the way that it happens. Here is a video from earlier today of her drying her hair when she got out of the shower. We haven’t been able to get in the pool as much as we would like; but, as you can see, she still has tan lines from her swim suit.

Monday Monologue #98

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We went out to dinner with our extended family and had bad service yet again. We’re completely mystified why they all like places where the dining experience is terrible. Especially since there are much better restaurants just down the street.
  • I’ve discovered the next gadget to put on the list for when we have plenty of money and are living large. A refrigerator with a built in touch screen display.
  • I’ve been doing much too much with the “temporary” dog. I just keep telling myself that it’s not going to be for too much longer.
  • The weather was so dreary that we didn’t feel like going rowing today even though it wasn’t raining when we would have actually been on the water. It’s early August; but it seemed like a gray November day.

Friday Featurette #97

The Husband and The Wife together on a warm summer nightThe Wife and I are glad for the weekend even though it’s probably going to be a busy one. We don’t always have a lot of things we need to do; but, even without kid stuff, we’ve stay busy. Like everyone, we’d prefer a weekend that’s just right; but, they are all good so long as we don’t have work to do.

Have a great weekend. We’ll see you on the other side.

Wednesday Weirdness #97

A disturbance at a suburban shopping plaza has everyone talking about how shocking it is that something that crazy could happen “in the own backyard”. It’s rather amusing that they consider it to be an isolated incident. The only thing unusual was that it happened to be in the news. Around here, “safe” places aren’t really as safe as believed and “dangerous” places aren’t really as dangerous as believed. The main difference is really just people’s perceptions. And their perceptions don’t match what’s really happening. But, as in other situations, perception becomes its own reality.

Monday Monologue #97

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Not that I needed one; but I’m getting a daily “refresher” on why I don’t like dogs that aren’t housebroken inside the house. We will not be getting frisky and taking photos on the carpet any time soon.
  • Someone shaved in the locker room at work ordinarily would not be a big deal except they got their weekend stubble all over everything. They didn’t even brush their clippings off the seats so the rest of us had to clean up their mess if we wanted a place to sit.
  • It rained just enough to prevent us from enjoying the pool or going out for a row; but, not enough to do much for the grass. So we’ll still need to water the lawn on Tuesday.
  • I’m ready from some football. Not preseason games full of players who aren’t even going to be on the team in a few weeks; but, “regular” games where both teams are doing anything and everything to win the game.