Monday Monologue #101

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I had a great weekend rowing-wise; but, unfortunately weren’t able to get in the pool. We’re really glad that we learned how to row so were not disappointed on days when the weather isn’t good for swimming.
  • I did end up helping my brother move and it was way no fun. Five flights of stairs with tight corners and, of course, no elevator. Plus narrow doors and very low ceilings. Basically a gigantic PIA.
  • It’s September and, for a variety of reasons, the dog is still here. Very, very, very frustrating. The only good thing is that she’s (mostly) housebroken. But she still whines way too much.
  • I’m ready for some NFL football. This has been a long summer for a sports fan around here after our local baseball team faded.

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