Monday Monologue #104

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today was the last day of summer, and, unfortunately, it felt like it outside. It was chilly before sunrise and after sunset. I don’t think we’ll be attending any more football games in without coats.
  • The “temporary” dog tried to dig a hole in the carpet. Luckily, I heard the noise and stopped it before there was too much damage. This animal is really, really annoying.
  • The stupid summer cold I caught a few weeks ago continues to linger on. I feel better and better each day; but I’m still not quite fully recovered.
  • Our computer was running hot so I had to take it apart and clean the dust out. It wasn’t as bad as when it was overheating last year; but I was still amazed how much dust had collected and how much hotter it made things.

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