Monday Monologue #103

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I attended football game this past weekend. It was rare treat to just wear our game jerseys and enjoy the sun. In the past, we’ve been busy with kids’ activities this time of year and couldn’t go to any games until it was much colder.
  • We are getting VERY tired of having a dog in the house. If anything, it’s having MORE accidents than it was a couple weeks ago. Life with a dog is definitely NOT getting any easier.
  • Amazingly, I got yet another recall notice for one of our vehicles. I’m always conscientious about having the “repairs” done andwill still do so in this case; but, I’m not sure it’s really a problem or potential problem.
  • I STILL have the cold/flu that I got last week. I’ve been sick for much, much longer than normal. I’ve almost forgotten what not being congested feels like.

Friday Featurette #102

I seem to have caught a summer cold that I never goes away. I know something is going around and I don’t have it as bad as most people; but, it’s annoying not quite being my usual self. But, as you can see for the video, I’m not completely out of energy. Hopefully, I’ll get well soon. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #102

I noticed that an app on my phone that I don’t use changed its name from “ISIS Wallet to Softcard. Having the same name as something no business wants to be associated with was a very unfortunate coincidence. Sometimes, the people responsible for marketing don’t do enough research. They are still working on the new logo. Right now there’s just empty space everywhere the stylized letters which formed the old logo used to be. Somehow, I doubt having to rename their app on short notice was in their business plan.

Monday Monologue #102

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Our DVR didn’t record ANY of the Sunday football games since it thought that the disk was full even though there weren’t any shows saved. I unplugged it for a while in hopes of fixing the issue. But, it’s frustrating since I was outside doing yard work when the games were on live.
  • I scheduled an appointment for a leak detection specialist to inspect our pool and find where the water is leaking. It will be expensive; but, will be kinda cool to watch how they do it in a geeky sort of way.
  • I seem to be getting the flu or a very bad cold. I don’t get sick that often; so, when I do get something, I’m even more miserable.
  • I upgraded the WordPress software that runs this blog to v4.0 this weekend. I haven’t noticed any issues. but please let us know in comments or email of you do.

Friday Featurette #101

The Husband and The Wife together on a late summer eveningIt’s been a long week even though we only had to work for four days, thanks in no small part to the “temporary” dog. We’re glad for the weekend; but, we may or may not be able to relax and unwind. Anyway, we hope you have a great weekend. We know we’re sure going to try.

Traditional Thursday #101

The Husband and The Wife showing their team spiritThe camera took a few pictures before it died in our last photo session. So we can still show our team spirit for our favorite NFL team. Like all fans before the start of the season, we’ve got high hopes for the upcoming season. The team we follow doesn’t play until Sunday; but tonight is the start of the regular season.

We’re ready for some football!

Wednesday Weirdness #101

There is a guy in an organization that we’re involved with that doesn’t read replies to his emails; but, sends new emails about the same topic. Then he’ll be confused because we’re assuming he read our earlier email. We know he’s absent minded and try to keep our responses very basic; but, that doesn’t seem to help much. And he’s even worse remembering conversations. We try not to complain since he’s doing something that we wouldn’t want to do; but, interactions with him can become quite frustrating.