Friday Featurette #109

We are “road warriors” once again this weekend, traveling to areas that are unseasonably cold for this time of year. Definitely not what we expected back in the summer when we were scheduling fall activates. And doubly frustrating since we are heading south. I’m sure that we will still have a great weekend; just different than what we planned. To get the weekend going, here is the conclusion of the movie that we started on Tuesday. See you on the other side.

Traditional Thursday #109

Unlike a lot of years in the past, we don’t have big plans for Halloween. We enjoy the spectacle of “dress-up” holidays; but, this year, we’re just spectators. One of our goals for next year is to get back to celebrating the fun holidays. Anyway, here’s a continuation of the movie that we started on Tuesday.

Wednesday Weirdness #109

For the second time in three days, I almost collided with a car going the wrong way on a one way street. They knew that they were driving the wrong way. They just didn’t care. Going the long way around was just too much effort so they decided that they would rather be a hazard to everyone else. Their arrogance was amazing.

Tuesday Two For #109

Monday was a glorious day to be outside. Probably the last one of the year. It’s great that it’s was such good day. But, it’s a bit depressing to think that it’s the last one until the spring. We can keep ourselves entertained inside. But we both prefer the burring hot days of summer. We decided to post a movie today just because it’s been awhile since we’ve posted one and we know we’re going to be droopy next week from the time change.

Monday Monologue #109

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Saturday, Sunday and today were all glorious days to be outside. The last little bit of summer has been wonderful. We are really, really not looking forward to the cold temperatures that are in the forecast. Hopefully, the coming winter won’t be as cold and snowy as last year.
  • The secondary hard drive in our computer dropped dead today. We do regular/daily backups so it wasn’t too big of deal (except for having to go to the store and get a new one.) It took less than an hour to transfer everything to the new drive. And now we’ve got a fast shiny new 1TB disk spinning along.
  • The “temporary” dog somehow set off the alarm when she was home alone. She’s supposed to stay in the kitchen; but she found a way past her doggy gate. The wife and I are very glad she’s not a permanent resident of the household.
  • I took advantage of the warm weather and cleaned the oven today even though it wasn’t quite time for it to be done. We’re hoping it will be starting to get warm for the spring before it needs to be done again.

Friday Featurette #108

The wife relaxing naked on the bed on waiting for The Husband`It was good that we had a quiet weekend around the house last week since we have plenty of activities planned this coming weekend. I need to be up and out well before sunrise on Saturday and it goes on from there. But, we like being busy (as long as it’s not overwhelming). You can never get these days back. And we know from experience that they days that we thought would last forever were over in the blink of an eye.

Wednesday Weirdness #108

A guy in our neighborhood has a super aggressive dog. It growls and barks at anything and anyone and is always trying to get off its leash whenever it’s outside. We’ve noticed that the owner is just as mean as his dog. So, sadly, they are well matched foe each other. Unfortunately, I won’t be remotely surprised if/when there’s an “incident” in their home. Whenever there’s two big dogs around, sooner or later they’re going to fight. The only question is which one is going to win.

Tuesday Two For #108

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hair

Here is a great candid photograph of The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hair. It’s something she does every day; but it’s still a very photogenic activity.

No technical difficulties today (unlike most times we only post one picture). Sometimes, a photo is best alone.

Monday Monologue #108

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • My new boxing gear is great; especially the gloves. I get new boxing gloves periodically; but I never realize how worn out my old ones were until I start using brand new ones. They still look good on the outside; but they get broken down on the inside just like running shoes. A new pair feels (and sounds) fabulous.
  • The last batch of Windows Updates were a HUGE nuisance. There were so many different updates that it took days to identify which one that was causing all the problems. And then; when I went looking for a solution, I saw that it was no longer being distributed and removal was recommend for people who were experiencing issues.
  • The last few times we rowed I tried using a mirror on my glasses; but couldn’t get used to it. I didn’t realize how much I used my dominate eye (which is on the wrong side). It’s probably works for some people; but definitely not for me.
  • We had to dog sit (again) for the weekend. The “temporary” dog is doing better generally; so it wasn’t as much of a nuisance as the last time. Still, we are looking forward to the day when the dog will always be referred to in past tense.