Monday Monologue #110

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The printer on our desktop died on Sunday night and had to be replaced. That’s the second computer component to fail in less than a week. So, once again, it was back to the store to get a replacement. Hopefully everything else will last for a while.
  • Even though it happens every year, we’re always a bit discombobulated after the time change. And, it’s more than a bit depressing that it gets dark before I get home from work. Summer is definitely over.
  • The Wife and I have identified the next electronic gadget that we will be getting. We won’t be getting it for a while since it’s not very useful during the winter. Yet another reason why we love the burning hot days of summer.
  • I’ve been eating much too much left-over Halloween candy. Thankfully it’s all gone or I would be starting to worry about getting big.

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