Monday Monologue #112

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After some ruminations, I ended up getting a Ducky keyboard. It wasn’t quite as expensive as the one that I had originally considered. And it’s “clickier”. So I can both feel AND hear when I hit a key. It’s nosier; but very easy to type quickly and accurately with. Everyone liked it so much that now we have three of them.
  • A cold front is moving in and it’s supposed to snow. Snow in November isn’t extremely unusual around here; but, it’s still very, very unwelcome. The snow and cold of last winter is not a fond memory.
  • The “retail therapy” that I started a few weeks ago is helping me get out of my funk. Many of the purchases were LONG overdue. It’s amazing how much my mood improved by upgrading a handful of things that I was “making do” with.
  • I’m probably not going to get to it; but, I really need to cut the grass one more time before the winter. It’s not obnoxiously long; but, I’ll need to cut it early next spring if I leave it like this. And, the weather the past few weekends has not been cooperating.

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