Traditional Thursday #114

The Wife is almost out of Gynol II for her diaphragm. Since it expires after for a few months. She doesn’t have an” emergency tube”. It’s more just a rotation. It’s definitely time to order some since few if any stores still carry it. We haven’t had a problem finding it online; but, it’s always a worry until our order actually arrives; especially since diaphragms are so rare. Of course, The Wife’s is still being used frequently which is the way we like it.


  1. Surprised you have not gone and got snipped as it’s a simple out-patient procedure. Remember when I had mine done years back in the doctors office. The doctor came out of the room and said to my wife standing nearly “Sorry, I slipped with the scalpel!”

    • Old Guy: It’s been a while since we were first looking for an alternative to hormonal birth control. But, at the time, neither of us was ready for a permanent method. Even now, when our “kids” are grown, there are still some what-ifs in the back of our minds. It’s not the procedure, it’s the irreversibility.

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