Monday Monologue #116

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I worked a lot of hours last week in order fulfill my commitments and still be on (semi) vacation this week. And, amazingly, it’s working out almost exactly as planned. About the only tasks remaining are to email to the people who ignored my automatic out of office response and tell them that, yes, I’m really unavailable.
  • I’ve gained some weight recently so, it looks like I’ll be on a diet over the Christmas holidays. I need to do a better job of tracking my weight during the winter. Eight pounds is not that much to lose; but it’s good to get started now.
  • Christmas is next week and we still haven’t put up our tree even though we always did it over Thanksgiving weekend when the kids were in college. We’re not sure how dog-proof it is. But, a potentially misbehaving dog is not a good reason to wait; particularly since it’s something that we’re going to do soon anyway.
  • I’m not done with my Christmas shopping. I know what I’m going to get the kids (and, of course, The Wife) and even the “temporary” dog; but, it’s always a challenge shopping for some other members of the family. I don’t know exactly what to get; but I know what NOT to get. This weekend should be interesting.

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