Monday Monologue #121

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It seems like I’ve been doing nothing but software upgrades and updates the past few weeks. I like to stay current; but there’s been a bunch of new versions of programs I’ve got installed released recently.
  • It was somewhat windy; but The Wife and I were able to run outside on Saturday. I even wore shorts! It was nice since there aren’t many days in January where we can go outside. Last year was brutally cold.
  • I decided that as long as the “temporary” dog is here anyway, I’m going to teach her to pick up her toys. Hopefully, she’ll be living somewhere else before she’s learned how. But; if not, it’s one less annoyance for us.
  • I ordered some Gynol II. Diaphragms aren’t in use much anymore. We’re some of the rare few who prefer such an antiquated method. But, thankfully, contraceptive jelly is still relatively easy to find.


  1. Not saying you’re old, but unless you robbed the cradle, you should be close to the end of the “baby making” days…or rather California girl should be. But you probably don’t need a “late life” surprise.

    • Old Guy: We’ probably don’t have that much longer to worry about things. But, the “temporary” dog has been more than enough of a disruption recently. So, we’re not taking any chances.

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