Friday Featurette #120

The Wife lounging in the bedI’m always glad for the weekend like everyone else; but I don’t “hate” my job like some of the people I work with. If I don’t want to be some place then I’m not. And, if I’ve got no place else to be; then I’m not going to complain. The grass is always greener; until you find out it’s not. Companies come and go. Managers come and go. Coworkers come and go. Things are always changing. So, where I work is not in the top 10 things I care about. I’d much rather be concerned about home.

Have a great weekend! That’s where all of the important people are.

Wednesday Weirdness #120

There’s a “salt shortage” so all for the side roads in the area are still covered with ice from the storm on Monday. The local road departments are meeting their conservation goals; but, both the police and fire departments are making a LOT more runs for car accidents. I’m not sure how’s considered better. Especially since, historically speaking, the worst winter weather is yet to come.

Monday Monologue #120

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • First, I have to say O-H! (That’s one of the reasons this post is later than usual.)
  • The “temporary” dog at the cushion she lies to sleep on. And now we have to listen to her complain (i.e. bark) if the shreds that are left aren’t arranged perfectly. If possible, she’s more of a diva than her owner.
  • And, speaking of eating things, we had an ice storm overnight; but I can’t apply anything to the drive way and sidewalk to melt it since the “temporary” dog eats anything and everything. I just have to chip and scrape what I can.
  • And last , I have to say I-O!

Friday Featurette #119

The Wife lounging in the bed with some flafored lubricantI’m not usually a TGIF person; but this week was an exception. A lot of my co-workers started back to work on Friday so I was already “behind” on Monday. And everyone seems to have forgotten anything and everything I explained before Christmas vacation so now I’m doing it already over again. Have a wonderful weekend.

Traditional Thursday #119

The husband on top of The WifeWith all of the below zero temperatures we’ve bene having recently, we don’t feel like doing much except staying in a nice warm house. Thankfully, we’ve got some good “indoor activities” which help us stay warm. The weekend is supposed to be “warmer” and we’re really looking forward to it. We’ve already had our fill of weather like today.

Is it spring yet?

Wednesday Weirdness #119

We are well into the New Year and I have only seen a handful of “new” people in the gym trying to lose weight. Usually it’s so crowded the first week or two of the year that it’s difficult to get a machine without waiting. It’s kinda surprising that more people aren’t trying to get in shape. Maybe the cold weather is keeping them away.

Monday Monologue #119

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I’m not sure why; but the first day back to work after the holidays didn’t seem quite as depressing as in previous years. But I still can’t wait for the weekend.
  • A brutal cold front accompanied by snow is moving in. Sow and/or cold aren’t unusual for around here. But, if the forecast is correct, we destined for a miserable week weather-wise.
  • I ran a LOT over the break; but didn’t really do anything else. So, getting back to my usual workout routine was somewhat of a struggle. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get back into the grove physically.
  • The “temporary” dog has been her so long, I’ve almost lost track of exactly when we she unexpectedly arrived. It just seems like we’ve had a dog around forever.