Monday Monologue #125

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I ordered the “temporary” dog some cow ears. Mostly because I was curious exactly how “ear-like” they are. They also sell snouts as dog treats too. The things you learn when you find yourself living with a dog you don’t want.
  • This winter hasn’t been particularly snowy, especially compared to last year. But the shortage of road salt has resulted in streets that are icy and dangerous. So every drives is longer and more stressful.
  • I hate shoveling snow when it’s super cold outside. Most of my body is OK; but my fingers always feel like they are freezing.
  • The Wife had the day off so she had a nice relaxing holiday. Unfortunately, I had to work and got home late because of the commute over un-cleared roads. I’m not jealous; but, Christmas vacation seems a long, long time ago to me.


  1. Just a word of caution on pig / cow ears for dogs. I realize you are not thrilled by the temporary dog, but, go easy on these. They have lots of fat in them. Also be careful where they are made…many dog treats from China have strange chemicals on them. Look for made / produced in the USA. Too many dog deaths and severe illness from foreign made treat. Also, if you can find them, trachea tubes are a great treat that include glucosomine that’s good for joints.

    • Thanks for the tips. I was careful to get a USA made product for just that reason. I don’t recall the manufacturer; but, hopefully it won’t be too fatty. I’ll look for trachea tubes the next time I’m looking for a treat for her.

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