Monday Monologue #131

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We ran outside in shorts yesterday in what we hope will become a permanent trend. It’s nice to NOT have to get all bundled up for our workouts.
  • I’m not sure how; but I ended up getting a bunch of stuff for the “temporary” dog. This dog is becoming expensive. And she’s not even supposed to be here.
  • Amazingly, the “temporary” dog’s first birthday is coming up soon and she was just a small puppy when she arrived. I can’t believe that I ever considered renting a carpet shampooer. I’ve got a LOT of use out of my purchase cleaning up her accidents.
  • I have not ever gotten into the specific details here on this blog; but today was a long anticipated day for me and it went well. I really couldn’t be more pleased.

Friday Featurette #130

The Husband and The Wife relaxing on the bedThe weather is always fickle; but Saturday might be the last cold day of the year. Sunday and beyond are forecast to be relatively “spring-like”. Next week we may finally be able to regularly do things outside! So, hopefully, the last weekend in March is when we turn the page and really get spring started. Have a great weekend if you’ve turned the page yourself or if have to wait a bit longer like us.

Traditional Thursday #130

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airYesterday it was almost 70-degrees. Now it’s 40. Have a taste of spring almost makes it worse. I just want the winter weather to end. Anyway, here’s quick photo if you’re not still watching basketball. (Our favorite team is out.)

Wednesday Weirdness #130

I had SIX meetings at work yesterday. I’m not sure how I can be expected to accomplish anything with so many disruptions. Sometimes I think people forget that we have customers who pay us to do things for us. Meetings are not money makers.

Monday Monologue #130

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The temporary dog had an accident in the house today. Right now, my focus isn’t on planning for the day when she (and her owner) move out. I’m just trying to train her well enough to be easy to live with until that day finally comes.
  • We had a “wintry mix” in the late afternoon today. It was most unwelcome, especially considering I put away the snow shovels and other winter equipment this weekend. It’s technically spring, so, hopefully, the cold, snowy weather is over for the season.
  • I’m not sure how or why; but a spam bot is flooding the comment form with unapproved comments. They are never approved, obviously, and no one besides us ever sees them; but the continual email notifications are a nuisance.
  • I changed all of the ringtones on my phone. I try and pick newer songs that the lyrics are appropriate for the person calling. Sometimes, I wonder what song people use for me.

Friday Featurette #129

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantThe Wife and I are really yearning to get back to swimming and rowing. Unfortunately, since we need to have some work done on our pool, we’re opening it a month later than normal. And the river is still too cold and high from the snow melt to be rowable. So all we can do is look at the sunshine out the window. I know that we will be able to do things “soon”. But it seems that spring activities have been around the corner for a long time.

March Madness has been good to our favorite college basketball teams so far. We hope it continues.

Traditional Thursday #129

The Wife underneath The Husband with her legs togetherEveryone is probably busy watching March Madness (I know I am) so I’m just posting a quick photograph. If yesterday’s contests were any indication, basketball fans are in for some great games. Good luck to your favorite teams this weekend and through the tournament.

Wednesday Weirdness #129

I mailed a letter on Tuesday that will ultimately end up being delivered to a post office box just a few feet from the counter where I gave it to the clerk; yet, I saw when I tracked it online that it has already been in three cities and is scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Meanwhile, another letter that I mailed on Saturday to a location hundreds of miles away was delivered on Monday. How can it take two full business days for a very local delivery and half that time for a delivery several states away?