Monday Monologue #127

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The “temporary” dog almost managed to get herself run over by a car on Sunday when we were outside shoving snow so we’ve decided to install an invisible fence. I’ve actually stared a separate “dog” category in the program we use to manage our finances.
  • I’ve resumed working out after taking a week or so off. The same amount of weight seems much heavier than in the third week of February. The good news is that I was only slightly heavier despite not getting much exercise.
  • I cleaned the oven and the new smoke alarms I installed did not go off. I tested them after installation and I know they work. So, we’re enjoy NOT having detectors that are ultra-sensitive. Since it was cold and rainy outside, we only opened a couple of windows.
  • We’re supposed to have freezing rain overnight. It should make for an interesting commute in the morning since most of the local municipalities have completely run out of salt. I really can’t understand how there can be a shortage of something that’s so plentiful.

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