Wednesday Weirdness #127

I see people doing stupid things every day; so very little surprises me; but, occasionally, I see someone do something that leaves me shaking my head. Today, I saw someone who didn’t realize they were driving in the exit lane until it was too late. Rather than continue to get off the highway and get back on at the next exit, they decided to try and drive thru a pile of snow by where the off ramp splits off. They were successful at getting back on the highway. But, the “snow” which was really just a pile of ice, salt, sand/grit and road debris rippled off large chunks of their vehicle in the process. Big pieces of the body panels on the driver’s side were torn off and embedded in the snow bank. And their bumper was flapping wildly in the wind as they continued on. They’re going to have quite a surprise when they finally get to wherever they were going.

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