Monday Monologue #131

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We ran outside in shorts yesterday in what we hope will become a permanent trend. It’s nice to NOT have to get all bundled up for our workouts.
  • I’m not sure how; but I ended up getting a bunch of stuff for the “temporary” dog. This dog is becoming expensive. And she’s not even supposed to be here.
  • Amazingly, the “temporary” dog’s first birthday is coming up soon and she was just a small puppy when she arrived. I can’t believe that I ever considered renting a carpet shampooer. I’ve got a LOT of use out of my purchase cleaning up her accidents.
  • I have not ever gotten into the specific details here on this blog; but today was a long anticipated day for me and it went well. I really couldn’t be more pleased.

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