Traditional Thursday #135

The uninterruptable power supply that protects our network equipment burned out on Wednesday. A complete and total failure, not just the battery wearing out.  It happened when I was at work so I had to come home to fix things since The Wife needs internet connectivity for work. We’ve got another one since we used to have more equipment in the basement; but it was still a big nuisance. The way it failed kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a UPS. But, it’s all good now. And it didn’t stop us from making a movie.

Wednesday Weirdness #135

One of the people that I was travelling with this past weekend was VERY impatient. Even when it was obvious that the people she was trying to “hurry” were involved in appropriate activities. Things get finished when they get finished. And, in this case, it should have been easy for her to figure out when that would be. I knew the expected schedule. So it was amusing and annoying at the same time.

Tuesday Two For #135

I’ve been kinda sleepy this week and haven’t been quite been able to catch up on my sleep. So we’re posting another video this week. Not that I’ve identified all of the settings for converting from .AVI to .MP4, transcoding is very quick. I enjoy editing photographs; but, we usually have a lot of pictures to select from whereas most of our movies have natural breaks. And, unlike in olden times, we don’t have to be concerned with bandwidth. Anyway, here is our video for today.

Monday Monologue #135

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I was a “road warrior” this past weekend. It seemed just like old times except that the company was not as good. (I was travelling with friends rather than The Wife.) I’m still a bit stiff from sitting still for so long.
  • I didn’t cut the grass this weekend since I was on the road. We’ve had a lot of rain, so it will be LONG before I can get to it. Its occasions like these that I wish I had a more powerful lawn mower. I will be mowing the lawn for a long, long time.
  • I almost got my car run into twice on Saturday. Once by someone driving the wrong way down a one way street. And once by a car running a red light. My light was green for a long time. Everyone else could kinda tell they weren’t planning to stop so all just we waited.
  • The WordPress security updates have been coming fast and furious recently. It’s becoming kinda annoying. One would think that they could get it right on the first (or second) try. Please let us know if something is broken.

Friday Featurette #134

I was in to work early today and I had to stay late which is not how I wanted to start the weekend. We’ve lost some people at work (which isn’t unusual) but now it seems that nobody knows who is doing what. I know what I’m supposed to do. And it doesn’t include doing other peoples’ work for them. Once you get on that train, it’s hard to get off. So I’m glad for the weekend. I’ve got stuff to do so Monday will come all too soon. But for now, I’m going to enjoy my time.

Traditional Thursday #134

The Wife and I are looking for a better “bedcam”. The camera we currently use is missing features we want and has a lot of functions that we don’t use anymore. For example, it doesn’t have an infrared remote which is a feature we’ve used extensively in the past. And we don’t need27X optical zoom when the camera is only few feet away from the action. It works but we’re know there are better options. Of course, making movies is still fun, even with the equipment we have.

Wednesday Weirdness #134

A beggar approached me when I was getting out of my car downtown yesterday. He had only just started to tell his story when I looked at him. Then, he said “oh”, stopped talking and went someplace else. Evidently, I did not look happy at being disturbed (which was true). Approaching people when they are getting out of their cars is probably not a good idea. Especially at night.

Tuesday Two For #134

The Wife got a new hair dryer since her old one had a short circuit and we didn’t feel like burning the house down. Apparently, not all hair dryers are created equally; because it does a much better job on her hair. It was slightly more expensive; but, not too much so. Like many things today, new ones are much better than they were a few years ago. Now we’ve got one more item on a long list of things that should be replaced regularly.

Monday Monologue #134

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I were finally able to row as planned this past week. Our schedule is flexible; but, we still like to get on the water regularly.
  • I finally received my passport. I know I requested “routine processing” since I didn’t need it for any particular time. But, a simple renewal shouldn’t take months. There was no doubt I was dealing with a large bureaucracy.
  • Our newest vehicle uses semi-synthetic motor oil. Amazingly, the cheapest place for an oil change is the dealership. They do good work; but they are out of the way. It wouldn’t have changed where we bought the car; but it is an occasional nuisance.
  • I don’t follow regular season basketball much, if at all; but I really enjoy playoff time. Win or go home adds excitement that the regular season can’t match. So far, our favorite team is winning.

Friday Featurette #133

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairThe Wife’s hair dryer died shortly after this picture was taken. Now that she’s changed her hair style, it’s probably not the best one for her anyway. She’ll probably end up purchasing one online since the selection at most stores is so limited. Sometimes I wonder if “brick and mortar” stores will survive. Especially considering all the “free” or low cost shipping options available.

Anyway, the weather finally cooperated and we were able to go on our customary Friday evening row. So, it’s officially spring for us. Have a great weekend. And, if you’re a fan of the association, good luck to your team in the playoffs.