Friday Featurette #139

We finally have water in our swimming pool! And temperatures in mid-80s are forecast for Saturday. It looks like it’s going to be an excellent weekend. I’m already warming up the pool. It would have been good for the pool to be available for the three day weekend last week; but we’re still looking forward to enjoying it over the weekend. Especially since we haven’t yet received the bill. So, today is a good day.

Wednesday Weirdness #139

None of the local scrap metal recyclers would accept it so ended up having to take our dead safe to the dump. Apparently, the concreate (and flame-proof materials) inside the walls makes separating the steel not worth the effort. I know I was not going through the trouble of removing whatever it was filled with. Especially since I still wasn’t certain that any place would accept it even after I did the work. I had to pay the minimum tipping fee. But, it was much better than leaving it sit around.

Tuesday Two For #139

Today we’re posting a video in response to a request from a couple of weeks ago. Sometimes it’s hard to remember other things when we are in the midst of the action. We did not need to perform much editing because of the camera angle. So this movie is in higher resolution than the ones that we usually post. Something to keep in mind for the future. Enjoy.

Monday Monologue #139

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • They finally started working on our pool late last week. In fact, they’re almost finished since they work on Saturday. Now we just have to wait for the paint to dry/cure. Its epoxy paint so it’s going to take a while before we can put the water back in and open it for the season.
  • After resisting (because of concerns about data usage) I’ve finally switched to a cloud-based media player on my phone. It makes downloading music a lot easier. I just need to make sure I add new music on WiFi.
  • I didn’t find anything wrong with WordPress last week. That really shouldn’t be news. But, recently, there have been a LOT of problems with it. So, a week I didn’t need to perform manual edits to the database is a welcome change.
  • I’ve just about completely given up trying to use Firefox. It slows to a crawl whenever I open more than a few tabs. IE has its problems; but miserable performance on isn’t one of them. The only reason I still use it at all is because of my saved passwords.

Friday Featurette #138

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantIt’s been a LONG week full of aggravating people. I really try not to let dumb things that other people do bother me; but some things are so incredibly dumb that it’s hard not to. So, the weekend is very welcome. Especially since Monday is a holiday. I try to look forward rather than backward as much as possible. So the past week will soon be a distant memory. Except for the fact that it hasn’t rained much recently. So I can just relax and enjoy our anniversary weekend. It’s not our actual anniversary. We usually wait for the weekend so that we can enjoy a relaxing evening and not be in a rush. We already have reservations at our favorite restaurant. It’s EXPENSIVE; but, the experience is worth it.

Traditional Thursday #138

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherI volunteered for a task that I expected was going to be in the afternoon or evening; but, apparently, it’s going to be in the early morning instead. I’m typically awake at the projected time; however, I don’t like to be outside (in the cold and wet) at that time. Nothing a major nuisance in the big picture; but I won’t feel like that tomorrow morning. Anyway, here’s today’s photograph. I’m going to go find my cold weather rain gear.

Wednesday Weirdness #138

On Monday, I saw a Polaris Slingshot going down the road in the opposite direction. I didn’t know what it was when I first saw it; but, I’ve spent the last two days trying to figure out what it was. It looks like a vehicle from a Batman movie. I’m not sure if it’s more car or more motorcycle; but it’s positively bad ass. And I definitely want to get one.

Tuesday Two For #138

The Wife on top of The Husband cowgirl styleI’m not quite sure how it happened; but I had the camera slightly misaligned during our photo session. As a result, there were only a few pictures in which one or both of our heads weren’t cut off. So, despite the title of the post, we’re only posting a single photograph. Luckily, we weren’t making a movie.

Monday Monologue #138

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We’ve been on our “regular” rowing schedule for the entire month. We don’t typically go three consecutive weeks without being rained out. Hopefully it’s a sign that the upcoming summer will be great to be outside.
  • I donated blood last week so I still don’t have all of my energy back. I’m more active in the summer so the reduced blood volume is more noticeable.
  • Believe it or not, I had to do yet more maintenance on the WordPress database. The issue that needed to be fixed wasn’t an ongoing problem; but I was still annoying and something that could have been easily corrected for older posts in one of the many WP releases.
  • Last week someone at work confused me with the day maid even though we don’t look anything alike. It’s amazing how unobservant some people are. Especially since this particular person has been working with me for years.