Monday Monologue #136

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased the fight on Saturday. It definitely was not worth the money. But, I’m still glad I got it since it was really more of an event. I still can’t believe a guy dressed up as the burger king man was in the entourage of one of the fighters.
  • I came home early from work today so The Wife and I could row before the thunderstorms that were predicted in the early evening. It’s now approaching 11PM and we haven’t seen any rain. We’re flexible so it was no big deal. However, the lack of accuracy in the weather forecast is mildly annoying.
  • It’s supposed to be warm this week so I had an AC “tune up” on Friday. We didn’t have any issues except the air doesn’t circulate as well as it should since we keep all the upstairs doors closed so the “temporary” knows to stay out.
  • I’ve was assigned yet another project at work even though I already have far too many other things I’m responsible for. I’ve have no idea why management thinks its “good” that I’m downing with tasks while other people aren’t so busy. I don’t complain (much) since that’s not my way; but, that doesn’t mean I’m happy.

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