Friday Featurette #137

I accidentally bumped a curb while turning on Thursday so I needed to get a new tire in (addition to badly scratching a wheel). I was going to need new tires soon anyway. So I’m mostly mad at myself for damaging the wheel. But, in the grand scheme of things, a vehicle is just a thing. And not that important of one. So, I’m not going to worry about it and enjoy my weekend. As always, I’ve got stuff to do around the house. But, otherwise, I’ve got nothing to do except relax. Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #137

This post would have been published a lot sooner if I had not been working on our computer. Plus, we love the warm weather so we were outside until the sun was going down. Recovering from a bad Windows update was definitely not at the top of my list of things to do. If we are inside, we’ve much rather be practicing for or making a new movie. Even if we don’t have anywhere to download it too. Computers can be very handy. But they can also be gigantic pains.

Wednesday Weirdness #137

After the last round of Windows updates our computer promptly displayed the legendary blue screen of death. I know that these sort of the things are going to happen from time to time with complicated software. But, it only seems to happen to us when there are a large number of updates. Ultimately I was able to roll back all the changes. But it took a LONG time. Not the best thing to be doing on a great spring day. Sometimes, I wonder if anyone tests anything anymore.

Monday Monologue #137

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The company that was supposed to fix our pool still haven’t started. And it hasn’t been that rainy. They are really the only ones around with the expertise; so we can’t do anything; but wait. In a normal year it would already be open and we would have been in it.
  • The “temporary” dog that was only supposed to be here for a few days is still here. Circumstances have changed (for the better); but, for the foreseeable future, this is still her home. She’s been her so long, she’s not neatly a big of a nuisance as she once was.
  • I’m never amazed by anything that happens at work; but management is trying to “prioritize” some of my tasks that absolutely must be done. Their lack of logic is mind boggling. In business some things are required no matter what else you would rather people be working on.
  • It appears that content from the WordPress media library is working once again. Thanks for your patience.

Friday Featurette #136

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs togetherWow, it’s been two days and there haven’t been any more WordPress updates. They haven’t really been that frequent. It just seems like it; mostly because for every fix they seem to break something new. Anyway, I think I’ve corrected all of the issues introduced by the updates and that everything is working “normally”. So, here’s a photograph that was inserted without any manual interventions. It’s nice that it just works since things haven’t been that way for so long.

Wednesday Weirdness #136

All of the WordPress updates that have been coming recently are a gigantic PIA. I know that security updates are important. But so is testing to make sure that you don’t introduce any new security flaws. And unlike a few years ago when it was lightweight and fast installing. The update packages are HUGE and bloated; but most of the files are the same as in the previous version. Of course since it fixes a bug introduced in last week’s update, I’m dutifully installing it.

Monday Monologue #136

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased the fight on Saturday. It definitely was not worth the money. But, I’m still glad I got it since it was really more of an event. I still can’t believe a guy dressed up as the burger king man was in the entourage of one of the fighters.
  • I came home early from work today so The Wife and I could row before the thunderstorms that were predicted in the early evening. It’s now approaching 11PM and we haven’t seen any rain. We’re flexible so it was no big deal. However, the lack of accuracy in the weather forecast is mildly annoying.
  • It’s supposed to be warm this week so I had an AC “tune up” on Friday. We didn’t have any issues except the air doesn’t circulate as well as it should since we keep all the upstairs doors closed so the “temporary” knows to stay out.
  • I’ve was assigned yet another project at work even though I already have far too many other things I’m responsible for. I’ve have no idea why management thinks its “good” that I’m downing with tasks while other people aren’t so busy. I don’t complain (much) since that’s not my way; but, that doesn’t mean I’m happy.