Monday Monologue #141

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Now that it’s been redone, out pool is magnificent! It’s almost like new. (Which is a good thing since getting it fixed was gigantically expensive.) We really love it and swim it as often as we can so, for us, the expense is “reasonable”. But, it would never be considered cheap.
  • We can’t understand how anyone can say not playing the Women’s World Cup on grass isn’t sexist. It’s not the preferred surface for anyone who has ever played the game. And temporary grass isn’t that expensive. I guess everyone was too worried about being caught accepting bribes to do their jobs.
  • The “temporary” dog had an accident in the kitchen. Not good; but probably the “best” place. She doesn’t like to go outside in the rain. But that really doesn’t matter since she’s a dog.
  • We’ve been drowning in spam emails recently. Our spam filter is working well so it’s not a “problem”. But, I still need to review the global spam folder all and ensure that it doesn’t contain any legitimate emails.

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