Monday Monologue #143

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • After a relatively dry spring it rained a LOT last week. The water has been too high to row for days and days. And our swimming pool almost overflowed. It finally cleared today so we were able to get in the pool. Hopefully we will be rowing soon too.
  • A replacement ice bucket for our ice maker is almost $70. Another case where replacement parts for “luxury” items are extremely expensive. And, unfortunately, I have to get a new one since the one came apart from the base and I dropped ice all over the floor the last time I was unclogging the dispenser.
  • I figured out what the problem was with the spam filter so now spam has returned to “normal” levels. We still get as much of it as before. Just a lot more of it is being caught. So we don’t have to look at it.
  • The “temporary” dog has generally been well behaved. But, she still sometimes barks at things see sees outside. I know that’s what dogs do. And it’s a not as bad as cleaning up after accidents. But it’s still a disruption.

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