Monday Monologue #147

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today was a very trying day at work today. I just came home and got in the pool. The happenings did NOT affect me personally (except for contributing to a stressful environment) so it could have been worse. But it could have been much better too.
  • It was HOT when The Wife and I went for our run in the park on Sunday. We would have preferred to row; but the river did not cooperate and was still too fast/dangerous. I don’t know when we will finally be on the water again.
  • I’m ready for some football or at least some soccer. Baseball used to be my favorite sport and now I seldom watch it or go to games. They really need to fix the disparity between the clubs before the sport is reduced to a footnote in history.
  • The videos that I changed last week seem to be working. (At least for us.) Please let us know if they are not working for you.


  1. I have played a number of your recent movies assuming that you had done conversion on them and have had no issues. Enjoy watching you having fun.

    I too am in a stressful time at work. Our company was sold to a much smaller company and we are relegated to maintaining our current system until such time as they can convert to their system. It’s the role of the mouse trying to swallow the lion and it’s painful to have to deal with direction from an unqualified person. They share little if any info, no conversion timeline, or anything else to give us any clue of when we will be thrown out with the rest of the garbage. My previous boss bailed early on to another company, so we have no one to run interference for the 3 of us left here.

    • Old Guy: I’ve been in exactly the same position. It didn’t turn out well since, in addition to not being able to properly manage the acquisition due to the size difference, they also borrowed too much money in order to be able to make the (ill-advised) purchase. So there was a perpetual cycle of cost-cutting and reorganizations. I hope your situation turns out better.

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