Monday Monologue #153

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I back up my phone three times a week so I wasn’t concerned about losing stuff. But, having to re-flash the ROMs and restore everything because of a faulty update was still a nuisance. Someone less knowledgeable might have followed tech support’s “advice” and purchased a new phone.
  • Last week was cooler; but the hot weather was back in time for us to get in the pool on Sunday. The coming week forecast is for warm, sunny days perfect for getting in the pool. Hopefully we won’t have any pop-up thunderstorms cool things down.
  • I’ve been dealing with someone at work who things that their work should “be a priority” and wants to talk with my manager if it’s not at the top of my list. I wonder what planet he came from. We’re so understaffed/overworked that no one can remember working on a project that wasn’t urgent.
  • I can’t believe that tomorrow is the first day of September. Where did the summer go? It’s been good; but it feels like it should still only be July.

Friday Featurette #152

An OTA update soft bricked my mobile phone on Thursday. And, the local phone store was absolutely no help, except, of course, offering to sell me a replacement. Failing to understand the illogic of buying a new device from them when it was their update that broke it. I found a ROM update utility that brought it back to life on the manufacturer’s web site. But, the technical support of a major carrier (who shall remain nameless) was no help. In fact, the entire incident was rather annoying. So, I’m really ready for a nice relaxing weekend. Here’s a short video to get things kicked off.

Wednesday Weirdness #152

My mobile phone hung in the middle of an OTA update and is stuck on the start screen. I will be very unhappy if I have to do a factory reset. It’s a gigantic nuisance since I can’t turn it off until the non-removal battery runs down. Then when I charge it, it does the same thing all over again. I’m going to the store when they open in the morning. It really should not be this difficult!

Tuesday Two For #152

We’re keeping somewhat of the same angle that we used last week; but were actually recording the image in the mirror so it’s kinda different and kinda the same. Let us know what you think. BTW, there was a lot of background noise so the is no audio. It would be nice to have an empty house if only for a few hours.

Monday Monologue #152

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We had a “chilly” weekend relatively speaking. As much as we’d like for summer to continue. It’s starting to feel like fall.
  • I still can’t quite get rid of the cold I caught last week. It’s aggravating being sick for so long even if I’m not totally miserable.
  • I ordered some shoes in a style I’ve never worn before on the internet. I wasn’t certain what size to get. Hopefully I won’t have to send them back.
  • I finally figured out the secret sauce to update our spam filter to stop all the spam we’ve been getting. It’s working really well since the last tweak to the settings.

Wednesday Weirdness #151

There is yet another WordPress update that needs to be installed. It’s a new version with new so I’m sure that there will be updates almost immediately. I want to go back to the days when I wasn’t installing updates almost every week. Security is important. But so is testing BEFORE distributing public releases. We want to publish posts and not be required to do updates all the time.