Monday Monologue #150

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • On my way home from the store on Sunday, I passed a bicyclist riding the wrong way in traffic after dark on a narrow winding street with many. It was amazing that he didn’t get hit by a car since it was dark, he didn’t have any lights and wasn’t where you would expect a cyclist to be.
  • We’ve been using Windows 10 and really, really like it; especially since it’s a free upgrade. We really haven’t had any problems. Not even in some of the areas we had issues with in Windows 7.
  • Except for once or twice when it was too wet or rainy, I’ve had to cut the grass every week. I don’t mind mowing; but it’s an indication of how cool and wet the summer has been. We haven’t had to water the grass either.
  • NFL training camps are open. I don’t watch much preseason football; but the regular season will be starting soon and I’m really ready for some football. Hope springs eternal for our favorite teams.

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