Monday Monologue #151

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The weekend was GREAT! We were in the pool all afternoon on Sunday. We haven’t had as many good pool days as we would like this summer so yesterday was especially welcome.
  • We’ve been getting a GIGANTIC amount of spam emails recently. So many, in fact, that I needed to update the script on the server that runs incoming mail through the spam filter to reprocess messages if there was an issue.
  • I’m slowly getting back to myself after donating blood last week. I don’t notice a difference except when I’m working out which is something I do for an hour or two every day. A lot of people who can’t donate don’t which is why I always try to.
  • Things have (mostly) calmed down at work. I’m sure there will be more upheaval win the weeks and months to come. But, for now, the situation is “normal”.

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