Monday Monologue #151

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The weekend was GREAT! We were in the pool all afternoon on Sunday. We haven’t had as many good pool days as we would like this summer so yesterday was especially welcome.
  • We’ve been getting a GIGANTIC amount of spam emails recently. So many, in fact, that I needed to update the script on the server that runs incoming mail through the spam filter to reprocess messages if there was an issue.
  • I’m slowly getting back to myself after donating blood last week. I don’t notice a difference except when I’m working out which is something I do for an hour or two every day. A lot of people who can’t donate don’t which is why I always try to.
  • Things have (mostly) calmed down at work. I’m sure there will be more upheaval win the weeks and months to come. But, for now, the situation is “normal”.

Friday Featurette #150

The Wife standing naked in the bathroom shaving her girlie bitsIt’s been hot and dry this past week so I do NOT plan to cut the grass or do any other yard work this weekend. I just plan to relax, enjoy the pool and not do much of anything. I really like days that I can enjoy doing things outside and, at the same time, not have a bunch of chores. The past few months have been cool and wet, se we haven’t had many days like that. This has been one of those years where there’s been a lot more yard work than average. Mowing the grass is not a big deal. But, it’s still nice when I don’t have to.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #150

When we were on our way home after rowing, we saw a woman who was driving completely left of center and didn’t realize it even though she was directly facing oncoming traffic. We actually had to change lanes to avoid a collision. Sometimes I wonder how people can be that clueless. Especially since the center line was clearly marked. I’m just glad that it’s nothing more than an interesting tidbit.

Monday Monologue #150

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • On my way home from the store on Sunday, I passed a bicyclist riding the wrong way in traffic after dark on a narrow winding street with many. It was amazing that he didn’t get hit by a car since it was dark, he didn’t have any lights and wasn’t where you would expect a cyclist to be.
  • We’ve been using Windows 10 and really, really like it; especially since it’s a free upgrade. We really haven’t had any problems. Not even in some of the areas we had issues with in Windows 7.
  • Except for once or twice when it was too wet or rainy, I’ve had to cut the grass every week. I don’t mind mowing; but it’s an indication of how cool and wet the summer has been. We haven’t had to water the grass either.
  • NFL training camps are open. I don’t watch much preseason football; but the regular season will be starting soon and I’m really ready for some football. Hope springs eternal for our favorite teams.

Friday Featurette #149

The Husband and The Wife together on a summer eveningIt’s already August and I we really haven’t had any of the consistently hot sunny weather that we typically get. We’ve still been able to get in the pool and we probably will again tomorrow; but is mostly because we have a gigantic pool heater. It’s not cool a cool summer; but it’s really not been a hot one either. And it’s been rainy. But it’s still summer and we’ve been enjoying it. The day’s where the water/air will be too cold to row and the pool will be closed for the winter will be here soon enough. Until then, it’s all good.

Have a great weekend.

Traditional Thursday #149

The Husband on top of The Wife with her legs in the airSome of the difference is due to variations in lighting; but, if you compare today’s photograph with ones taken earlier in the year, it’s easy to see that The Wife and I have bene spending a lot of time in the sun. There will be plenty of time to do things inside during the winter. So, we try to get outside and enjoy the summer as much as we can. Even if the weather hasn’t fully cooperated, it looks like we’ve been relatively successful. And we’ve still got some summer left.

Wednesday Weirdness #149

I had to do yet another WordPress update last night/this morning. It’s good that the developers are security conscious. But it would be better if they spent the time to harden new versions of their software before their public release. I know that I’d prefer to be enjoying the summer rather than installing security patches.