Wednesday Weirdness #157

Some days, I feel like I’m in a time warp back in the 80s. I know people who do things exactly like they were done 30 years ago even though we have a lot of modern devices these days. And they get mad at you if you tell them how much easier things would be and how much time they could save! Personally, I am very glad to be living in the 21st century.

Tuesday Two For #157

I encountered a bug in the WordPress media gallery so today was almost a day without movies. It “indexed” the videos I uploaded with a totally different date so I couldn’t find them to add them to posts. One more thing I’ve discovered that needs to be fixed on the server. I’ve got a lot of things on the electronic to-do list when it gets too cold to do things outside. Anyway, here is the movie I “found”.

Monday Monologue #157

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sorry for the untimely responses to comments. It’s been happening for a while but I only recently discovered that our spam filter is eating WordPress notifications
  • Where did the summer go? Unless we unexpectedly get a warm day in the next week or so, we’ve gotten in our pool for the last time this season. (I wish I could say the same thing about cutting the grass.)
  • I’ve become so accustomed to using Windows 10 that using Windows7 at work is starting to seem strange. It’s almost starting to feel like Windows XP.
  • The grass in the back yard is getting long. And needs to be cut. Unfortunately, with the shorter days, it’s become a weekend only thing. And, since it’s the only time you can do things outside, most fall weekends are busy ones.

Friday Featurette #156

The Wife waiting for The Husband to join herThe Wife and I are really enjoying the first, and hopefully not the last, adult toy now that were semi empty nesters. It’s a welcome change to focus on ourselves. Hopefully, the trend will continue. Plus, I finally resolved an issue that I’ve been struggling with since its arrival, so everything is good. If we could only get rid of the “temporary” dog. (At least she is much better behaved than a year ago.)

Have a great first weekend of fall.

Wednesday Weirdness #156

I stopped at the optician on my way home and had my eyeglasses (re) tuned. Progressive lenses are great; but they are very finicky. Today was the third time this year that I’ve needed an adjustment. I’m just glad that the shop I go to is kinda on my way home.

Monday Monologue #156

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I sold some things we had in storage on eBay. It’s was nice finding someone who wanted it rather than throwing it away. Plus it was a bit of unexpected cash.
  • The Wife and I went to the football game on Sunday. Unlike later in the season, it was warm and sunny, great weather for a watching a game. And our favorite team won!
  • It’s mostly been hot and dry; but the grass was getting uneven, so I finally cut it. It had barely grown in weeks. I can’t believe my next door neighbor is still mowing his once a week. He’s probably just cutting it to the same length it was before.
  • I updated/changed all the drawer pulls on the desks in the study. It’s amazing how much difference a small change like that can make.