Monday Monologue #156

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I sold some things we had in storage on eBay. It’s was nice finding someone who wanted it rather than throwing it away. Plus it was a bit of unexpected cash.
  • The Wife and I went to the football game on Sunday. Unlike later in the season, it was warm and sunny, great weather for a watching a game. And our favorite team won!
  • It’s mostly been hot and dry; but the grass was getting uneven, so I finally cut it. It had barely grown in weeks. I can’t believe my next door neighbor is still mowing his once a week. He’s probably just cutting it to the same length it was before.
  • I updated/changed all the drawer pulls on the desks in the study. It’s amazing how much difference a small change like that can make.

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