Monday Monologue #157

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Sorry for the untimely responses to comments. It’s been happening for a while but I only recently discovered that our spam filter is eating WordPress notifications
  • Where did the summer go? Unless we unexpectedly get a warm day in the next week or so, we’ve gotten in our pool for the last time this season. (I wish I could say the same thing about cutting the grass.)
  • I’ve become so accustomed to using Windows 10 that using Windows7 at work is starting to seem strange. It’s almost starting to feel like Windows XP.
  • The grass in the back yard is getting long. And needs to be cut. Unfortunately, with the shorter days, it’s become a weekend only thing. And, since it’s the only time you can do things outside, most fall weekends are busy ones.

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