Monday Monologue #158

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I think I fixed the issue with comment notifications. So, we should be timelier with our replies. I hate it when software doesn’t work correctly, even though it was an unusual condition which caused the issue.
  • I spent part of our “lazy” Sunday doing yard work. Not really enough light in the evening to get things done during the week. But Sunday was still very relaxing.
  • Amazingly, our favorite college and pro football teams are both still undefeated. So we’ve still have high hopes for the season.
  • Less than two weeks until we close the pool for the season. We probably will not get into it again; but it’s still slightly depressing.


    • Old Guy: This site is definitely a hobby for us. We don’t have any plans to quit so long as it’s fun. Hopefully the day where upkeep becomes a burden will never come. I know firsthand that it’s difficult; but really do wish for more thoroughly tested software.

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