Monday Monologue #166

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We decorated the Christmas tree over the weekend. We used to put up the tree sometime in December; but, for the past few years we’ve been doing it Thanksgiving weekend now that the kids aren’t guaranteed to always be around.
  • We didn’t do as much shopping as we would have liked because the ISP the provided connectivity too our home had a major outage that mostly kept us offline. What a nuisance!
  • The “temporary” dog has, unfortunately returned. Hopefully her stay will only be for the relatively short scheduled duration. She’s kinda a diva dog, especially when it comes to going outside in the winter.
  • I ran a lot over the Thanksgiving break; but didn’t do any strength training so it was hard getting back into it today. I probably need to invest in some hand weighs for around the house so I can have well-rounded workouts during the times I don’t get to the gym.

Friday Featurette #165

I got up early and went to park and ran before the rain started. Then I did my errands after my workout. We prefer Cyber Monday to the crowded stores and long lines of Black Friday so we’re going to enjoy a relaxing day at home; especially since it’s a dreary November day. And there are always lots better things to do inside. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #165

I got accidentally punched in the face yesterday when I was teaching boxing class. I know that it is an occupational hazard of holding mitts; but that does not make it any less annoying. Especially when it’s a simple drill. It’s amazing how many people can’t count when they’re doing something physical. We never, ever do combinations with more than 10 punches. So it really shouldn’t be that difficult to keep track.

Tuesday Two For #165

Last week I was working on rotating videos. This week, I’m experimenting with simultaneously cropping AND rotating videos during the conversion to MP4. If I need to, I can always use Corel VideoStudio. But, ffmpeg is faster; especially when I want to create one or two “standard” resolutions suitable for the web. Here is the result of our experimentation. A clip of The Wife drying her hair.

Monday Monologue #165

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Were “glad” we winterized our boat last week. We definitely would not have wanted to do it this past weekend. It’s never any fun to be outside in freezing rain and/or snow. Plus it was very cold and windy during the breaks in the weather. Of course it would be nice to live some place where we could row year around.
  • I spent another weekend hauling a bunch of heavy furniture to the “temporary” dog owner’s new place. It was more even lifting than last time if possible. Not surprisingly it was more of a workout than my regular gym workout.
  • The parking lot at work was almost totally empty. I’m one of the few people who was actually in the office today. I always seem to end up working this week for one reason or another. Hopefully I can get things finished up early.
  • Our posts this week will be even more intermittent and irregular than normal. Enjoy the holiday.

Friday Featurette #164

It may snow tomorrow. And, even if it doesn’t it’s definitely cold enough for it. So we’ve “winterized” our boat and are mentally preparing ourselves for the long winter. The summer and fall were glorious. We’re just hoping the winter is relatively short. Here’s another rotated video (hopefully of better quality) to kick of the weekend. We’ve got yet another busy one ahead. We hope you can relax and enjoy yours.

Traditional Thursday #164

No experimentation with today’s video. Just one five minute long clip. It’s big; but that’s OK. I’m sure we’ll start running out of storage on the server one day in the distant future. Until then, we’re going to post longer, higher quality videos whenever we can. Enjoy. And stay safe and dry. It was definitely too wet and too windy to go out around here.

Wednesday Weirdness #164

I installed a gigantic Windows Update on Tuesday. Or, more accurately, I installed a new version of Windows complete with all of the annoyances of upgrading the Windows versions. Including uninstalling “incompatible” programs and resetting application defaults to Microsoft programs. I can’t believe that anyone, even suits in a large monolithic corporation think that people are going to put up with an invasive OS upgrade every three or four months.

Tuesday Two For #164

Since we already need to transcode for the web, I’m experimenting with rotating videos during the conversion to MP4. We don’t have a specific requirement. But, it would be nice to know how to do it in case the need arises in the future. One day, we may take a really cool video with the camera sideways and want to flip it. Anyway, here is the result of our first experiment. A short clip of The Wife inserting her diaphragm. As you can see she is well practiced at it.