Wednesday Weirdness #164

I installed a gigantic Windows Update on Tuesday. Or, more accurately, I installed a new version of Windows complete with all of the annoyances of upgrading the Windows versions. Including uninstalling “incompatible” programs and resetting application defaults to Microsoft programs. I can’t believe that anyone, even suits in a large monolithic corporation think that people are going to put up with an invasive OS upgrade every three or four months.


  1. Do you remember when Windows 98 came out and one of the “major” fixes was that you would no longer need to reboot when updates were applied. Another Microcrap lie.

    • Old Guy: I remember all the versions of Windows (and most of the hype) going back to Windows 1.0. We’ve come a long way in 30-years; but we’ve still got a ways to go. But I won’t complain. Updates are still easier than on my Android-based smart phone. It’s rooted so every mandatory OTA update soft bricks it unless I can find a way to get the update installed before the deadline.

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