Monday Monologue #166

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We decorated the Christmas tree over the weekend. We used to put up the tree sometime in December; but, for the past few years we’ve been doing it Thanksgiving weekend now that the kids aren’t guaranteed to always be around.
  • We didn’t do as much shopping as we would have liked because the ISP the provided connectivity too our home had a major outage that mostly kept us offline. What a nuisance!
  • The “temporary” dog has, unfortunately returned. Hopefully her stay will only be for the relatively short scheduled duration. She’s kinda a diva dog, especially when it comes to going outside in the winter.
  • I ran a lot over the Thanksgiving break; but didn’t do any strength training so it was hard getting back into it today. I probably need to invest in some hand weighs for around the house so I can have well-rounded workouts during the times I don’t get to the gym.

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