Traditional Thursday #170

The Wife and I are staying in today. For some reason, we seldom go out on New Year’s Eve. We’ve got traditions for many of the other holidays; but not for today. To us, it’s just another day on our long Christmas vacation. If you are going out to celebrate, please be safe. And please enjoy the show.

Wednesday Weirdness #170

I discovered I needed to buy a new power supply when I was in the midst of building our new computer and needed to pick one up locally. Ultimately I as able to locate one; but it was a frustrating search. Many of the web sites I checked interpreted “Store Availability” as meaning they could have one in the store for pickup sometime next week when I really wanted to know who had one actually on the shelf and not at a warehouse somewhere. If I didn’t mind waiting I wouldn’t have selected “Available in Stores”. If you have a physical store then your web site should probably show what’s physically there.

Tuesday Two For #170

I built a “new” computer on Tuesday. New is in quotes because I reused as many parts from the old computer as possible. But I upgraded the important things like memory and CPU and, obviously, the motherboard. It’s really fast compared to what we were using before. Of course, we had to make a movie to see how quickly it was at transcoding video. I’m still working on the correct settings for the updated hardware; but the conversion speed was amazing. I’m still experimenting with quality; but we hope you enjoy still enjoy the movie.



Monday Monologue #170

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Christmas was great. It was great to all be together. And, unlike most years, I can actually use most of the gifts I received. And, the “temporary” dog didn’t have any accidents while she was visiting.
  • We watched the new Star Wars movie when everyone was home over the weekend. It’s definitely a worthy addition to the series. I’m certain we’ll be getting it on Blu-Ray when it comes out.
  • It has rained a LOT over the last few days with yet more rain I the forecast. I’m starting to think that snow would be better. Especially since the temperature is near-freezing. And I hate being cold and wet.
  • Work is a very distant memory. We’re really enjoying our long Christmas vacation. I still working out every day; but I’m even on “vacation” from the gym I usually go to during my lunch break.

Wednesday Weirdness #169

Our spam filter had a hiccup yesterday and we received a BUBCH of spam emails during the short time it was offline. We know we need it; but it’s still amazing how much spam is sent these days. Especially since most of it is never received. And when it does actually get through, we never read any of it since it’s so obviously spam and there are usually dozens of similar messages. I know spam is cheap/free to send which is why there is so much of it. But, I can’t imagine anyone doing anything with it besides deleting it.

Monday Monologue #169

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today is the last day of fall. I know that it will be a gradual process; but, I am really looking forward to longer days. Nine hours of sunlight isn’t much. Especially when I’ve been inside working most all of the time the sun is up.
  • It’s four days before Christmas and I’ve got all of the gifts I’m giving purchased and wrapped. Probably the earliest that I have been “ready” in many years. Non-coincidentally, this year I’ve purchased almost everything online.
  • It’s only been a three days and I am really, really enjoying my vacation. Not working last Friday really helped. I’m going to do the same thing again next year if possible. And the fact that daytime temperatures have been in the 50s hasn’t hurt.
  • While I was shopping for everyone else, I also purchased a few things to help organize the stuff we have lying around the house. A few well designed items can really reduce clutter.
  • Amazingly, I’ve received recall notices for THREE of our cars for various issues. The only one that doesn’t have any problems (yet) is the one we jot bought lost month. More nuisance for us than others since the dealerships for our cars are “far” away for a city this size.

Friday Featurette #168

The Wife sitting naked on the bed waiting for The Husband with some flavored lubricantIt seemed like it would never get her but we are on vacation. And, like I said to someone a few days ago, “when we’re on vacation were on vacation even if we’re don’t anywhere.” I expect people to respect my vacation the same way they would if I was out of town. I’m not rude; but I’m not trying to squeeze something in either. I should not have to “flee” the city to be left alone. Anyway, I think that the message was received. It was definitely sent very clearly. Have a great weekend.