Monday Monologue #168

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I found the problem with the mail server. I was scanning all incoming mail including spam for viruses. Now I only check “good” mail for viruses. That definitely gave it some speed! We get a LOT of email that is so spammy it’s auto-deleted by the spam filter and never even makes it into the “junk” folder.
  • It’s been a month since I had it repaired, so I was finally able to wash my car. I’m not obsessive; but 30-days is a long time when you drive in areas where they treat the roads with salt and grit in the winter. It’s probably the biggest nuisance of the whole situation.
  • The latest version of WordPress broke the plugin that I use to overlay images on the screen so I had to write a custom plugin to make the current version generate the same HTML as the previous version. I wonder what happened to thorough testing and to backward compatibility.
  • Christmas is less than two weeks away and I’ve only just started my Christmas shopping. Strangely, I’ve got something for the “temporary” dog who doesn’t even live here anymore; but I’m struggling with what to get for my father. What do you get for someone who doesn’t have very many any interests?

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