Monday Monologue #169

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today is the last day of fall. I know that it will be a gradual process; but, I am really looking forward to longer days. Nine hours of sunlight isn’t much. Especially when I’ve been inside working most all of the time the sun is up.
  • It’s four days before Christmas and I’ve got all of the gifts I’m giving purchased and wrapped. Probably the earliest that I have been “ready” in many years. Non-coincidentally, this year I’ve purchased almost everything online.
  • It’s only been a three days and I am really, really enjoying my vacation. Not working last Friday really helped. I’m going to do the same thing again next year if possible. And the fact that daytime temperatures have been in the 50s hasn’t hurt.
  • While I was shopping for everyone else, I also purchased a few things to help organize the stuff we have lying around the house. A few well designed items can really reduce clutter.
  • Amazingly, I’ve received recall notices for THREE of our cars for various issues. The only one that doesn’t have any problems (yet) is the one we jot bought lost month. More nuisance for us than others since the dealerships for our cars are “far” away for a city this size.

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