Monday Monologue #171

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The new computer I built is really, really fast! There is a HUGE difference in performance between it and our old one. Neither of us realized how much we had become accustomed to slow being normal.
  • We had such a GREAT vacation that we kinda dreaded going back to work. Not because work is so bad; but because our time off was so good. It was even better than we hoped.
  • It’s somewhat of an anachronism; but we still have an old style wired phone line in our house even though we all have smart phones. We’ve been having some issues off and on with it since the summer. They’re supposed to come out at look at it again tomorrow. It’s the last one. We will not be getting another landline if we move to a new home.
  • It isn’t increasing by much; but the days are slowly getting longer. It’s only January; but, comparatively speaking, it’s been a relatively mild winter. We’re hoping that the trend continues. This is about the latest I can remember that we’ve gone without any significant accumulation of snow.

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