Monday Monologue #178

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Today was a glorious day especially for February. In fact, the air conditioner ran briefly in the morning until we turned it off and opened some windows. And, our run I the park was great. Bright sunshine to go along with the warm weather. Definitely a day to remember.
  • The cable company sent us some new adapters AKA boxes for our televisions which were previously connected directly to cable. What a nuisance. First they scanned for channels. Then they updated their firmware. Then they scanned for channels again. Then I had to call for “activation” which didn’t work. So then I had to call again, wait for a live person, have them activated once more and wait one more time for them to scan for channels. What a gigantic nuisance.
  • I finally declared victory regarding the issue we’ve been having with our computer. It’s been over a week since it last happened so I think the problem is resolved. And, if it isn’t, it will be almost impossible to track down since it can now go weeks without happening.
  • We got some new running shoes today in the mail today. As always, we didn’t quite realize how worn out our old ones were until we saw them side by side with the new ones. They really weren’t even in good enough shape to save for yard work so we just threw them away.

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