Monday Monologue #177

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Unlike The Wife, I did NOT have today off. In fact, I had more work than usual since we were short-handed despite being one of the unlucky ones who had to work over the weekend.
  • Office 2016 is a minor but still useful improve over Office 2013. Of course it would be a lot better if it supported the Live Tiles feature of Windows 10. But, I do like how each application has a different predominant color theme.
  • The unseasonably warm winter that we had last month has become a distant memory. Now it’s either snowing or freezing cold or both. I’m very tired of dreary winter days. At least February is half over.
  • Hoping to schedule opening our swimming pool sometime soon. Having a definite date makes warm weather closer even if our appointment is months away and the cover is still completely buried in snow.

Friday Featurette #176

The Husband and The Wife together on a cold winter nightGlad to (mostly) close the book on another long week. I made sure to leave work a bit early today since I know I’ll be working most of Sunday on a project that has long been scheduled. Like many people, I work a LOT. Working early and/or late during the week is tolerable. But I really, really like to keep my weekends to myself. That’s time that’s difficult to get back. Thankfully, unlike a lot of recent Saturdays, tomorrow morning is completely free. So I can just stay in and relax. Have a great weekend. See you on the other side.

Wednesday Weirdness #176

I have almost figured out the issue we’ve been having with our computer. I finally know the hardware/software combination that’s causing the problem. I still need to figure out exactly why it happens. Then, hopefully, I can find a permanent solution. I’ve got some research to do; but it’s not as frustrating now that I’ve (mostly) got the problem narrowed down.

Monday Monologue #176

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The “temporary” dog was back to visit for the weekend; but that was a good thing since her owner was home too. It was a good family weekend.
  • I upgraded to the latest version of Office. It wasn’t a big change which was expected. And the install was much quicker with a faster CPU. Unfortunately, it didn’t fix the issue we’ve been having with our computer. I’ve got several more upgrades to do when I have time.
  • I didn’t realize it at the time but the upgrade to WordPress v4.4 in conjunction with a buggy plugin broke comments. They weren’t broken for admin users so I didn’t detect and correct the issue right away. I’ve disabled the bad plugin just in case even though there’s an update which theoretically fixes the problem. I need to be more vigilant in the future.
  • It’s supposed to snow tonight. Amazingly, it will only be the third time all winter. It’s been cold and soggy; but I haven’t needed to shovel a lot of snow. It seldom snows only few times in a “typical” winter; but I’m not complaining.

Friday Featurette #175

The Husband and The Wife relaxing on the bedThe Wife and I are looking very forward to the upcoming weekend. Not because of work; but because of some things happening at home. (That’s way more important, anyway.) Have a great weekend yourself.

And good luck to whichever team you want to win the big game. We’re just hoping for a good game. See you on the other side.

Wednesday Weirdness #175

It was so warm earlier today that we had to open the windows. Now, the temperature outside is 34-degrees and still falling. It’s been a “mild” winter comparatively speaking. And rapid temperature swings aren’t that unusual. But Today’s weather seems almost like cruel joke. I’m still waiting for the day when it warms up as fast as it cooled off today.