Traditional Thursday #181

I drank a caffeinated beverage for the first time in months on yesterday, and couldn’t get to sleep until late. So, today I’m not well rested and also still adjusting to the time change. I didn’t think it would have as much of an effect as it did. I didn’t used to be as sensitive to such a small amount. Its too late; but, I’ve learned my lesson. Anyway, have a great St. Patrick’s Day.

Wednesday Weirdness #181

When I was out running errands recently, I saw a vehicle deliberately driving the wrong direction down a divided street because they wanted to make an illegal left turn and the concrete divider world have been in their way if they had been on the proper side. They seemed to think that being on the wrong side of the road was OK since they were driving slowly and waiting for vehicles going in the right direction time to yield. Who doesn’t get out of their way of wrong way drivers? Not causing an accident is not the same thing as not doing something dangerous and illegal!

Monday Monologue #181

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Just as we dreaded neither of us haven’t adjusted to the time change yet. It’s always discombobulating whether we gain or lose an hour.
  • The weekend was warm but rainy. Not the best; but a lot better than cold and snowy. Spring has arrived. Unfortunately, we are having the normal spring rains.
  • We’ve been opening the windows in the house a lot recently. The fresh air is wonderful. We’re not finished running heat, especially overnight; but we’re almost there.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of sparing recently against younger and bigger guys. It’s quite a challenge for me. I’m doing OK; but, its mentality exhausting when I’m in the ring.

Traditional Thursday #180

We rowed for the first time of the season yesterday even though it was raining. It’s good that we did because now it’s raining much harder; and the river will be too high and fast to row for a while when it finally stops. Now that we’ve been on the water it seems like the winter is finally over.

Wednesday Weirdness #180

I ran out of space on Dropbox last week and ended up deleting a bunch of files and finding someplace else to save things. I actually would have upgraded to a paid account if they had better rates. It’s great if you need a LOT of cloud storage. But I would have been paying for something we don’t have the network capacity to use. The pricing structure was certainly created by someone not familiar with home internet speeds in the middle part of the country.

Tuesday Two For #180

Making a movie again this week. After more than a few unsuccessful tests, I’ve determined that the audio encoder in current version of the software I use for transcoding videos can’t make a very low bandwidth audio track. Like with everything, sometimes updates really aren’t updates. It’s not really a problem. I just have to remember to always use the new settings.

Monday Monologue #180

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • The Wife and I both got another pair of new running shoes. It was great wearing them for the first time yesterday while running in the park. We know that shoes wear out a lot faster on the inside than they do on the outside; but we still don’t always replace them frequently enough.
  • The guy from the lawn service company we use came out today and applied the first treatment of the year. It seems that spring is really almost here.
  • We also de-winterized our boat in preparation for getting on the water. It may be warm enough to row by the weekend.
  • For the first time since last fall, no overnight temperatures below freezing are in the long range forecast. It may be time to put the snow shovel away for the year.

Friday Featurette #179

Hoping for a quiet, uneventful weekend at home after attending multiple funeral services in the past week. With the “aggravations” of daily life, it’s easy to forget about the big picture until we encounter unwelcome realities. So, this weekend I’m just going to chillax and enjoy the things that are too easily taken for granted.