Friday Featurette #185

The Wife naked on the bed before a "photo" sessionToday was a glorious spring day that we really haven’t had all year. So good in fact that I took the afternoon off and The Wife and I went rowing while the sun was still high in the sky. Ordinarily a warm sunny day would not be vacation worthy; but, it was actually the first true spring day we’ve had all year. As cold, wet and raw as this spring has been, it will be a long time before we’ll ever consider a day too hot. Here’s to the weekend.

Traditional Thursday #185

This past winter was mild as winters go; but the spring has been especially frustrating. It’s either been too cold or to wet or both to do anything outside. And, on the occasional day that it has been warm and not raining, everything has still been soggy and wet. The forecast for the seven days finally looks good, so The Wife and I are making plans to enjoy it. We use to never take time off in April; but, now there on reason not to. We’re going to get out and enjoy the spring.

Wednesday Weirdness #185

Taxes aren’t due for several days and already the payment site for our state taxes was experiencing “intermittent outages”. Presumably due to the large volume. I wonder what it’s going to be like on Monday. Most people who owe like to hold on to their money as long as possible. So it should not have been an unexpected situation. If you’re not expecting a refund, there is no incentive to file early.

Tuesday Two For #185

Unlike in previous years, we’re not opening our pool this week. So we have had the “fun” of finalizing our taxes without being able to look out over the pool and thing of the glorious days of summer that will soon be here. We don’t actually swim this early in the year. We just enjoy the view. And, in fact, it has often snowed during the first week we’ve had or pool opened. Still, it was a welcome sight to balance the chore of doing our taxes. And, unfortunately, this year’s taxes have been monumental.

Monday Monologue #185

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I generally like having a rooted phone except when I need to install an OTA update. It requires a complete factory reset together with multiple backups and restores. Much more complicated that it should be.
  • We finished the 1000-piece puzzle that we started during last week’s power outage. It’s a photographic mosaic so it was unusually difficult. We’re investigating ways to display the it without glue.
  • She’s too dumb to know it but today is the “temporary” dog’s birthday. She’s a member of the family so I still sent her a birthday present. Like any dog, she likes anything edible.
  • The recent snow and rain has made river is completely unrowable. So, unfortunately, I can’t get out on the water now that I have more time free in the evening.

Friday Featurette #184

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantLooking forward to the weekend. I’ve finally reached the end of an evening and weekend commitment that I’ve honored that I wish I had not made. The duration was significantly and unexpectedly extended after I agreed, so I am very happy its over and to have my weekend back. Of course, it’s supposed to snow even though its April. So I won’t be doing anything outdoors. We’ve also have to double check our taxes this weekend. We owe (like always) so we’re not in a hurry. We “like” to paying a small amount rather than waiting on a refund from the government. But, some years are worse than others. Still, it’s April, there can’t be much more snow. And we’re not going to let a single bill (however large) depress us.

Wednesday Weirdness #184

Monday was the opening day for baseball around here and most people hardly even noticed. It used to be almost like a holiday with people skipping work and taking their kids out if school. Nowadays, it’s almost forgotten. The “boys of summer” have gone from being the most popular to the least popular of the major sports. For the record, the local MLB team did win.

Monday Monologue #184

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We didn’t have any electricity for most of the weekend. Saturday night was cold which made the house cold all day on Sunday. It shouldn’t be so frequent; but we have a multi-day outage at least once a year. The repair capacity of the local utility is almost non-existent.
  • I was only kinda able to cut the grass over the weekend since I didn’t have any electricity to edge or blow. So, it turned into a two day chore. I don’t like doing yard work during the week. I’d much rather be doing something fun with my evening.
  • I wish that the weather would have been warmer over the weekend (when the power was out). Then I could have replaced the photocell in one of the outdoor fixtures. The light is on the same circuit as the kitchen/garage so it’s a nuisance to fix unless, of course, the power is already out.
  • Now that we have electricity and internet, I’ve been researching backup generators. They one I want is kinda expensive. But it would be really nice to have. It was only a few years ago that we spent several days of our summer vacation with no power.