Monday Monologue #188

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • As the only “adult” who wasn’t celebrating anything, I paid for dinner for my entire extended family in Saturday. The meal was ordinary but the company was excellent. Our daughter did cover the tip which was unexpected; but appreciated.
  • I really enjoyed taking the last few Friday afternoons off last month. Getting a head start on things makes our weekends much more relaxing. Unfortunately, this Friday will be our last one for a while.
  • I recently upgraded the version of WordPress which runs this blog. It was “minor” update, so, hopefully nothing is broken. The near constant upgrades are becoming kinda a nuisance.
  • I had to clean the condenser coils of our air conditioner yet again. The clothes dryer vent is too close to the outside unit so the fins get clogged with lint much more quickly than they otherwise would. A thorough cleaning has become a yearly chore.

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