Monday Monologue #190

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I really like having a rooted smartphone except when there’s an OTA update want to install. Then it’s a gigantic PIA. This weekend was one of those times. What a nuisance. I’m finished with the upgrade; but I still don’t have everything back the way it was.
  • The weather recently has only been intermittently spring like. It was so cold over the weekend that I wore gloves when I was outside cutting the grass. The week after next is Memorial Day weekend and the water in the pool is still freezing cold.
  • And, if the miserable weather wasn’t bad enough, I had to work much of the weekend. There were some good times; but, except for a few good moments, this past weekend was definitely forgettable.
  • I washed my car today for the first time in several weeks. Rain is forecast for tomorrow; but I would never, ever wash go to the car wash if I only planned to do it on days when it wasn’t supposed to rain

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