Tuesday Two For #190

The Wife riding The Husband's dick cowgirl styleIt took a lot longer than it should have; but I finally got my smartphone upgraded (and reconfigured). You don’t realize how many things we use our phones for until you have one that’s not missing all of its apps and data. I had a recent backup; but, apps I use all the time without thinking were unavailable until everything got restored. We’ve come a long day from the time when mobile phones were big and heavy and “apps” were a word that nobody had ever heard of.

Monday Monologue #190

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I really like having a rooted smartphone except when there’s an OTA update want to install. Then it’s a gigantic PIA. This weekend was one of those times. What a nuisance. I’m finished with the upgrade; but I still don’t have everything back the way it was.
  • The weather recently has only been intermittently spring like. It was so cold over the weekend that I wore gloves when I was outside cutting the grass. The week after next is Memorial Day weekend and the water in the pool is still freezing cold.
  • And, if the miserable weather wasn’t bad enough, I had to work much of the weekend. There were some good times; but, except for a few good moments, this past weekend was definitely forgettable.
  • I washed my car today for the first time in several weeks. Rain is forecast for tomorrow; but I would never, ever wash go to the car wash if I only planned to do it on days when it wasn’t supposed to rain

Friday Featurette #189

The Wife sitting naked on the floor drying her hairToday is Friday the 13th and I’m kinda superstitious, so we’re just going to post this picture and sign off for the day. So far, nothing bad has happened and we hope to keep it that way. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #189

I got a gadget in the mail today that is powered by Li-Ion batteries. Amazingly it was fully charged so we could use it right away. It was a nice touch that is almost always forgotten or ignored. In these days of (almost) everyone competing exclusively on price; it’s a pleasant surprise to encounter someone who’s not.

Tuesday Two For #189

The Husband and The Wife warming up for the main eventThis week has been kinda disjointed for a variety of reasons; so, we’re only posting a single photo. I’m always busy at work; and this week I’ve been busier than normal. When there are days at work like the ones I’ve had, I’m really happy for the opportunity to relax and forget about life for a while. Hopefully, it’s a trend that is NOT going to continue.

Monday Monologue #189

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • I purchased another piece of outdoor power equipment this past weekend. It really is nice not having kids in college anymore. Or more specifically their associated bills.
  •  I also purchased some new shelving and rearranged the garage. It was easy not to notice how worn our existing shelves were even though we walked past them every day.
  • We opened our pool last week. The water is still to cold to swim. But, all of the earthworms are out and the chemistry is good; so it looks nice while its warming up.
  • We’ve been getting a lot of spam emails messages recently. That’s unusual for us so we’re trying to find out what may have been changed to cause the problem.

Friday Featurette #188

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairBelieve it or not, we took the afternoon off again. It was glorious. Clear skies. Bright sunshine. And warm temperatures. By the first week in May, days like today shouldn’t be a rare treat. Unfortunately, colder temperatures are forecast the rest of the weekend. And then it’s supposed to rain. First, we went for a row. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon in the yard with my new outdoor power equipment. The new gear is kinda expensive. But definitely worth the cost. Our lawn looks better than ever. And yardwork goes much faster which gives me more time for the activities I enjoy.

Traditional Thursday #188

The battery on our cameral is really dying. It almost can’t make it through an entire photo session. Ordinarily, I’d order a new one; but that seems like a waste since we’re shopping for a new camera and would prefer to not you buy something that we won’t use once we do. Of course, plans don’t stop the worn out battery from running down. Hopefully it still has enough life for us to use it for a bit longer. Otherwise, we’ll always have to take photographs and won’t be able to make videos. Enjoy the movie while our camera still has the capability to record for a reasonable length of time.

Wednesday Weirdness #188

I almost ran into a bicyclist when I was out and about over the weekend. They ran a red light and made an “improper turn” right in front of me. It would have been an ill-advised maneuver for a car. For a bike it was really, really stupid. As it was, I was barely able to avoid them. I’m assuming they saw me since there is always a LOT of cross traffic at that particular intersection and it would be foolish not to look. Expecting cars to yield the right of way when you’re on a bicycle (without a helmet) isn’t very smart. Sometimes, I really wonder what people are thinking.