Traditional Thursday #196

Today, as promised, we are posting a longer higher quality video. It’s been a busy week; but we’re zooming up on vacation which we are both looking very forward too. The weekend is supposed to be cool, especially for July, then it’s supposed to warm up again. We’ll be happy as long as we don’t get any severe weather that causes widespread power failures which, amazingly, we’ve had more than once while we’ve been on vacation. Here’s to the upcomming holiday weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #196

We received confirmation today at work of our suspicion that there is no way to control the air conditioning in our building. It is either on or off. So when the weather turns cooler like it has recently it’s continues to run even though it shouldn’t. And, apparently, it’s difficult to turn on or off manually. Plus, they can’t easily connect a thermostat. So we basically have our choice of freezing or roasting.

Tuesday Two For #196

We decided to make a movie now that that were done celebrating. Today’s video is kinda short. We have a longer, high quality one planned for Thursday. And, although we’re not certain; it looks like we will be able to continue with our yearly Independence Day photo/video celebrations that we missed the past couple of years. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Monday Monologue #196

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It was HOT and sunny all weekend long. We were outside all day on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. It was glorious.
  • For a variety of reasons, I took the day off from working out today, something which I rarely do. I had a lot of extra energy for my evening row with The Wife which was good.
  • I checked out some of the new vehicles when I was having an oil change for my car. Other things are higher priorities; but I can still dream about the day when a new vehicle is at the top of the list.
  • I tried three times unsuccessfully to upgrade a computer to Windows 10. I’m sure there’s an incompatible driver installed. Unfortunately, the upgrade doesn’t say why it fails. So you have to guess, and apparently I guessed wrong. What a huge waste of time!

Friday Featurette #195

The Husband And The Wife celebrating victory for "The Land"One final picture celebrating victory by the Wine and Gold. It’s been hot so we’ll probably have to water the lawn this weekend; but I won’t have to cut the grass which give me even more free time. Plus, it’s supposed to be warm and sunny all weekend. Looks like great pool weather. Have a great weekend.

Wednesday Weirdness #195

Last week, the air conditioning in the building I work in was broken and temperatures soared into the 80s inside. Now that it’s been “fixed” temperatures have dropped into the 60s. So now you don’t know whether or not to wear short sleeves or bring a sweater. Either way, it’s too uncomfortable to work efficiently. It shouldn’t be that hard in 2016.

Monday Monologue #195

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • We spent most of the weekend outside on or in the water. It was glorious. High summer is our favorite time of year. Especially when there hasn’t been significant amount of rain recently.
  • We’ll be able to wear our Wine and Gold with pride for the next three months. A fabulous way to end a great weekend and start the week.
  • Today is the longest day of the year. We wish it we had the day off so that we could enjoy the sun even more. The official start of summer is one if our favorite days. The only “bad” thing is that, starting tomorrow, the days are starting to get shorter.
  • Good luck to the USMNT (soccer) on Tuesday. After what happened Sunday night on the west coast, I think anything is possible.

Friday Featurette #194

The Wife standing naked in front of the mirror drying her hairAfter a long wet spring the burning hot days of summer are finally here. Were trying to get outside and enjoy the weather as much as possible even if it means we get a bit too much sun. The dark of winter will be here all too soon. Until then, we plan to spend a lot of time rowing our boat and swimming in our pool. Have a great weekend.