Wednesday Weirdness #193

I have been doing a lot of “cat herding” recently. It’s mostly frustrating; however, it is interesting to see how people’s minds work. Some people are completely and totally illogical; but think they are systematic and well organized. It makes for some very interesting conversations.


  1. Maybe you could borrow the “temporary dog” to help you herd the cats. Know the feeling…comes with the territory it seems. I have worked in IT in several different companies and find lots of users who should have the ID 10 T password. These I call PICNICS. Problem In Chair Not In Computer.

    • Old Guy: The sad part is that they have no idea. They seem almost proud of their cluelessness. I can’t even remember how many times I hear sentences start with “I had no idea …” It almost makes me want to ask how they think things work. Almost.

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