Traditional Thursday #194

We still haven’t bought a new camera or replaced the battery. For now, I’m just making sure to charge the battery right before we use it. I’ve identified a replacement battery relatively cheaply from an online vendor. Unfortunately, they are out of stock. It’s inexpensive enough that it’s worth buying whenever its becomes available, even if we are planning to get new camera “soon”. Surprisingly, the failing battery lasted for our entire photo session even though we were filming a movie. We hope you enjoy our good fortune.

Wednesday Weirdness #194

Going to work today, I saw a guy on a motorcycle going in between cars stuck in traffic in the narrow lanes of a highway construction zone. I’m sure he got to work quicker than the rest of us; but, he was lucky not to get run over. Especially since no one would think to look for another vehicle where he was riding. At least he was wearing a helmet.

Tuesday Two For #194

I usually complain about updates in general and Windows Update in particular; but, for once, an update fixed an annoying bug in Microsoft Edge. And the latest batch of updates didn’t take too long to apply. So I’m happy on the second Tuesday of the month. We got interrupted at the beginning of our photo session which we didn’t let spoil the mood. So we decided to make a movie when we got started again. And, because of the camera angle, we’re posting a higher quality video than many of the others we post. Enjoy.

Monday Monologue #194

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Despite the challenge conditions, we did well at our boat race this weekend. We get better both individually and as a team every time out.
  • We’re busy with work, like everyone, but we do try and stop and smell the roses. Life is a lot more fun when there is a good balance of making money and spending money.
  • We’ve been in our “new” house fourteen years. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were building “a big house on the hill.” It really is our castle.
  • After spending a lot of time “practicing” it was good to go for a “regular” row this evening. I’ve got a lot of things to work on; but our next race is a long way off.

Friday Featurette #193

The Wife sitting naked on the bed with a tube of flavored lubricantI am on vacation today. Unfortunately, it rained so I couldn’t do as much as I planned outside. So I made a few long overdue phone calls and caught up on some of the things that I haven’t done recently because we’ve been too busy enjoying the summer. Looking forward to the weekend. Its supposed to be over 90-degrees which us a good thing of you have a swimming pool like we do. Have a great weekend. We always enjoy ours, especially when they start early like this one!

Wednesday Weirdness #193

I have been doing a lot of “cat herding” recently. It’s mostly frustrating; however, it is interesting to see how people’s minds work. Some people are completely and totally illogical; but think they are systematic and well organized. It makes for some very interesting conversations.

Monday Monologue #193

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • Even with a bit of rain, the weekend was glorious. After a wet soggy spring it finally seems like summer. And The Wife and really getting outside and enjoying the sun.
  • I accidently drank regular coffee from a machine today after only drinking decaf for the past seven months. I could really tell the difference even though it was a small cup. Thankfully it mostly wore off by evening.
  • I drove our car (as opposed to our gigantic SUV) today. The turbocharger gives it a lot of giddy up. Much nicer than the older, more practical vehicle it replaced.
  • I really like the outdoor power equipment I got this spring. I was outside most of this past weekend and, most of the time, I wasn’t doing the homeowner thing.

Friday Featurette #192

The Wife sitting naked on the floor drying her hairPosting another “rerun” today. We still haven’t decided what to do about our camera. I have determined that the battery kinda works if I charge it shortly before use. It just loses power rapidly when it’s not in use. Probably the expected behavior after taking over 10,000 photos; but, its still a nuisance. Happy Friday everyone.