Monday Monologue #198

An interior monologue from me (and sometimes the wife).

  • It was weird being back in the gym during my lunch break today. I know I need the workouts, especially during the winter; but it would be nice to stay fit just by rowing every day. It would work for The Wife; but I eat too much.
  • As predicted there was a MOUNTAIN of work waiting for me today at work. I’m involved in far too many things than I should be. And, no matter how many times I explain what needs to be done, no one else ever picks up the ball.
  • It’s been two years so we’re all jonseing for some new mobile phones. And, of course we’ll need new cases, screen protectors, etc. Unfortunately, rooting and reloading a new phone will be nuisance.
  • I don’t see what the fuss is with Pokémon GO. I don’t play it or nay other mobile games; but I see people playing it everywhere, even in places they shouldn’t.

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