Wednesday Weirdness #200

Earlier today, the cashier in the discount store that I stopped in to purchase a few things got annoyed with me because she told me the wrong amount so I didn’t give her enough money. Apparently she told me the total without tax then realized she had not pressed the appropriate keys while I was looking in my wallet so the amount changed. I just let it go; but, definitely not the best customer service.


  1. Just give me the money! And don’t try anything to confuse me like give me 21.05 when the amount due is $16.02 because the new math does not cover stuff like that. Do you notice that few actually count back change (at least the proper way) but simply hand you a wad of bills and change.

    • Old Guy: I don’t have high expectations since being a cashier likely not a career for most people who are doing it. But, correct change should be one of them. Unfortunately, it seem to be a rare skill since so many people pay with cards. My biggest annoyance is when I get a bunch of coins or bills because they can’t make change using the right denominations.

  2. Or my other pet complaint. When I say Thank You and get “no problem” rather than “You’re welcome” as the response. Guess I really am getting old!

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